1. Competitions


    2. Handicap
    3. Make-Ups
    4. Subs
    5. No-Shows
    6. Late Arrival
    7. Rainouts, Rain Delays and Darkness
    8. Scorecards
    9. Prizes  

  3. RULES  



League Night
Hickory Woods (Tee times starting at 4:24)
League Schedule
19 Weeks of Conference Play
Three weeks of Play-offs


The league consists of one group with the top eight teams making the playoffs.
  1. Competitions
    1. Team, A - B Player Competition
    Definition: The A-player is the team member with the lower handicap. The B-player is the team member with the higher handicap. If both team members have the same handicap, the golfer who has the lower player number will be the A-player
    • Format

      Under this format, each team will play every team in the league once during the regular season. In a given match, the two A-players will compete against each other and the two B-players will compete against each other. Two points will be available per hole. The A-player's net score will be compared on a hole-by-hole basis and a point awarded to the lower net score between the two golfers. The same procedure will be done for the B-players. The total points for each team will then be used to determine the year-to-date standings of the teams in the league. This total will also be used to determine which team is awarded points for winning the match (see Section C : Prizes).

      If a hole is tied, a half point will be awarded to each player. In total, 18 points will be given out between the two teams.

    • Scoring

      100 % handicap will be used for this competition. The difference in handicap between the two golfers will be used. For example, if two competing B-players have handicaps of 18 and 16 respectively, the player with the 18 handicap will receive 2 strokes, 1 on each of the 2 lowest handicap (most difficult) holes.

      While each team will most likely want to keep track of their points during the match, the league program will be used to do the official scoring.

    • Year-To-Date Standings

       The total points for the best 18 of 19 weeks will decide the four teams from each conference that will participate in the playoffs. The format and tiebreaker for the play-offs will be announced later in the season.

    • Match Schedule
      A schedule of the team matches and tee times for each round will be provided before the beginning of the season. Each team is expected to be on time for their match. If you know in advance that your team can not make the scheduled tee time, please try to swap your tee time with another match.
      you must always play your round/match on the correct nine holes. If you have accidentally played on the wrong nine, your score will not count !

    1. Individual Net

    • Format

      Individual Net is a separate competition in which all golfers compete against each other to see who shoots the lowest net score each week. In addition, the year-to-date ranking will also be tracked and a year-end champion determined. However, the year-to-date standings and year-end winner will include all competitors from both conferences.

    • Scoring

      In order to calculate a winner each week, each player's individual handicap (using 100% handicap) is subtracted from their gross score. They are then ranked according to their net scores. The lowest net score is the winner for that week.

    • Prizes

      Points are then awarded weekly to the top golfers in each conference.

    • Year-to-date Standings

      The average net score for the year will be used to determine the year-to-date standings each week.

      A player must have a minimum of 9 scores to be counted in the final year-end standings. The competition will take place for 19 of the 22 weeks of the season.

      For players that have more than 9 scores, the program will drop the worst score
      before computing the year-to-date standing.

    1. Closest to the Pin

    • Format

      On all par threes, the player who gets his tee shot closest to the pin while on the green (not the fringe) will win a point. Everyone (including subs) is automatically entered into this competition.

      If you are the first person to hit the green, be sure to mark your spot no matter how far away you are on the green. Do not assume that someone later in league play will beat your proximity. If you do not put your name down thinking someone else will get closer, then you have essentially conceded the award.

      The group that tees off last is responsible for picking up the closest to the pin markers and turning them in to the league secretaries.

    1. Playoff Ties

    During the playoffs, if a match is even after the last hole (9 or 18, depending on how many are played), the teams will proceed to the first hole that was played for that round and continue to play until a winner is decided.

    Handicap stroke holes remain the same each time they are played. So if Hole #2 was a stroke hole for LP, then LP gets a stroke each time that hole is played.

    Please check in with the course to tell them that your match is continuing in sudden death.

  2. Handicap

    1. General

    • The player's handicap will be based on 100% of the difference between his average adjusted score and par.
    • The highest recognizable handicap will be 27 for nine holes.

    • For both the team and individual net competitions, 100% of the player's handicap will be used.

    1. Calculation

    • Previous Season Players

      Week 1:
      The best 5 of 8 most recent scores from the previous year will be used.

      Weeks 2-19:
      Best 5 of the previous 8 scores are used , updated on a weekly basis.

    • New Players

      For the purposes of calculating handicaps, the new player will have two strokes removed from their adjusted score the first week and 1 stroke from the adjusted score the second week of play. The reason for this is that the previous year players are using the best 5 of 8 scores from the end of the previous season after having played all year. A single bad score by a new player at the beginning of the season can give the new player an unreasonably high handicap for the first couple of weeks. Taking strokes away from the new player is an attempt to make up for the lack of statistical data on the new player.

      The handicap calculation is based on the following schedule:

      for   Week 1 :  use 1 of 1    Week 6 :   3 of 5
            Week 2 :      1 of 1    Week 7 :   4 of 6
            Week 3 :      1 of 2    Week 8 :   4 of 7
            Week 4 :      2 of 3    Week 9-20: 5 of 8
            Week 5 :      2 of 4
      Note that for the new players the handicaps established for the first week of the season are also used for the second week.

      Handicap rounds can no longer be turned in before the start of the season for the purposes of establishing a handicap.

    1. Adjusted Score Calculation

      Your actual score must always be put down on the scorecard, however, for the purpose of calculating handicap, the score on a particular hole may need to be adjusted.

      The adjusted score will be determined as follows :

    • If your handicap is 0-9 strokes :

      Maximum allowable score for calculating handicap on each hole is double bogey. The number of double bogeys you are allowed for a round is the same as your handicap. For example, if you have a 2 handicap and you get 3 double bogeys with a gross score of 45 on a par 35 nine, the third double bogey will not be allowed, thus, 9 will be used for the new score in your handicap calculation the following week. However, you will still use the 45 for all other scoring purposes. The program will make the adjustments, not the golfer !

    • If your handicap is 10-27

      Maximum score on any hole is triple bogey. However, the number of triple bogeys that are allowed for handicap purposes is equal to your handicap minus 9. Therefore, if your handicap is 12, you are allowed a maximum of 3 triple bogeys in the 9-hole round.

      You must still count all of your strokes when putting your score on the scorecard.

  1. Make Ups

    1. Guidelines

    • If you cannot play on a given Thursday, the round can be made up in advance by playing a round up to one week prior to the Thursday for which the make up is being played. This round must be played with at least one other league player other than your partner. The scorecard must be signed by the other league player and must be submitted to the league secretary and to your opponents before play begins on Thursday.

    • You can only play early for the round that is scheduled for the upcoming Thursday. (However, two rounds can be played on Thursday for that Thursday and the following week). If you are planning a two week vacation, you will need a sub for the second round.
    1. Miscellaneous

    • Whenever possible, try to use subs rather than play early. A list with their extensions/home phones will be provided. While our current arrangement with the courses allows for some makeup rounds, they would prefer we play on Thursday, and it is possible that the courses may decide to charge you an additional greens fee for playing early. If this happens, it will be out of our control and you will have to pay the greens fee.
    • A single player or a team without another league player is not allowed to make up a round.
    • When playing the makeup round, be sure to play the CORRECT Tees. Playing the wrong tees is the same as playing the wrong course and will invalidate your score.
  1. Subs

    • A sub may be used for regular Thursday rounds or for make up rounds.

    • Subs will be subject to the same rules governing handicap calculation and play as for all other players.

    • It is possible for the third member of a three person team to sub for other teams.

    • Always put the sub's name, player number and the number of the regular team player being subbed for on the scorecard so that the secretaries know that a sub is being used.

  2. No Shows

    • If your opponents do not show up, both the A and B -players on your team will play against the course with their handicap plus 3 additional strokes. For example, if you and your partner have handicaps of 8 and 10 respectively and your opponents do not show, you will play against the course with 11 strokes and your partner will play with 13 strokes. Your opponents will receive the points not won by your team. However, the maximum that any player can receive when not showing up is 4 points. We felt that it was unacceptable for the team that did not show up to play to win. If only one of your opponents shows up, that golfer will be considered the A golfer regardless of handicap. Therefore, the B golfer on your team will play against the course with their own handicap plus 3 strokes.

  3. Late Arrival at the Course

    • If an opponent does not show up at the scheduled tee time, the team with both players present may choose to tee off at the scheduled tee-time without the late golfer or allow the next foursome to tee off and wait one tee time for the late golfer to show. If neither opponent is there, your team should tee off as scheduled in order to avoid a delay for the rest of the league.

    • If a golfer shows up after one or more holes has already been played by the opposing team, they should immediately join their foursome on the course You cannot play these holes by yourself and catch up. These scores will not count. After the round the following options are available :

      1. If daylight permits, the late golfer may go out on the course and finish the missed holes, as long as he is escorted by another player from the league, other than his partner (however, every effort should be made that this be one of your opponents).

      2. If there is not enough daylight, then the late golfer will receive no scores for the missed holes and the round will not count for either the Individual Net Competition or handicap purposes. The holes that were played will be scored against the opponent in the manner described above for standard play. However, the missed holes will be scored under the handicap +3 rule.

  4. Rainouts, Rain Delays and Darkness

    1. Rainouts

      A rainout occurs when either the course will not let play begin, or, play is stopped due to rain and is not continued after a 30 minute wait AND no foursome has completed the round.

    • Rainouts will be determined by the Rules Committee. If you do not play and the round was not canceled, your opponents will play with their handicaps plus 3 strokes and your team will receive the points not won by your opponents. If in doubt at work, show up at the course. We have been known to play in light (or worse) rain and it often is raining here at work and not at the course.

    • If a rainout occurs, the round will be made up at the end of the season. Everyone will be notified as to which nine will be played the following week.

    • If a make up round was turned in for a week which is subsequently rained out, the make up score will not be counted the following week under any circumstances. This is also true for people who have played early on Thursday.

    • If the first group in the conference finishes the round, the round is official. This is a course rule, not a league rule. For the matches that have not been completed, each player will be given a net par for the remaining holes. This score will not be included in the individual net competition or used for handicap calculation. This also applies to matches that cannot be completed due to darkness.

    • A circumstance may arise where one of the teams wants to walk off the course prior to the announcement of an official rain delay or rainout while their opponents want to continue play (NOTE: this issue comes up for any time a player leaves the course without playing all of the holes). In this case, the opposing team may continue to play until the rainout is declared. The team who walked in may come out later after the weather has improved and finish the holes, even without a member of the opposing team. The match will then be scored as normal. However, if the team that walked off is not able (or decides not to) complete the round that night, the opposing team will compete with the following changes

      • The player continuing to play will now be playing under the handicap +3 rules for the remaining holes.
      • The player continuing to play can not lose any of the remaining holes, they can only tie or win.

    • Due to the length of the season, only two rainouts will be allowed. After two rainouts, the final regular season matches will be eliminated as necessary.

    • Rainouts are on an individual course basis. Due to the differences in the two courses, it is possible that Deertrack may close and Hickory Woods stay open. However, the Rules Committee will make every effort to have rainouts declared for both courses.

    1. Rain Delay

      A rain delay occurs when play is stopped due to rain and resumes in no greater than 30 minutes. At least one foursome must complete the round before darkness (or further rain halts play again) in order for the round to be official. If no one completes the round, it will be declared a rainout.

    • If rain occurs during a round, a maximum delay of 30 minutes will be allowed. At the end of this delay the Rules Committee will determine if the round is canceled. If you leave on your own and the round is completed, your score for that week will not be counted for handicap or Individual Net competition and your opponents will play against the scores for the holes you completed and under the handicap +3 stroke format for the holes left unplayed.

    1. Darkness

    • If any group is not able to complete their round due to darkness, the unplayed holes will be scored with net pars for both teams. The round will not count for handicap or Individual Net competition purposes.

  5. Scorecards

    • Scorecards must be turned-in to the conference secretaries at the course on Thursday evening. Turn the scorecard in to the secretary for your conference. The scorecard must be signed by one member from each team. The secretary has the option not to count the match if the card is not properly signed or turned-in on time.

    • Each player must put their player ID number next to their name on the scorecard. This saves a great deal of time for the secretaries when entering the scores. When a sub is used, please indicate your player ID and the ID of the player you are subbing for.

  6. Prizes

    • Points will be awarded as weekly prizes.

    • Each player on the winning teams will be awarded 1 point. The winning team is the team with the highest combined A and B player points.

    • Points will be awarded to the Individual Net winners based on their net scores. The number of points awarded and the number of positions that receive prizes will be decided at the beginning of each golf year.

    • If a tie occurs

      Team Competition :

      • The tiebreaker will be determined by the sum of the A and B players' points on a hole-by-hole basis, starting with the last hole played.

      Individual Net Competition :

      • The tiebreaker will be determined by the best net score a hole-by-hole basis, starting with the last hole played.

    • Closest to the pin on all par threes will be awarded 1 point